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Belong - 6th Grade Event

Aug. 24 | 8 AM | Resurrection Leawood | All 6th Graders & Parents Welcome

Aug. 24, 2024
8:30 AM
Resurrection Leawood

Cost: $5

The transition to 6th grade marks an exciting new chapter filled with opportunities and changes. As students step into middle school, they’ll experience a whole new rhythm – changing classes hourly, making new friends, and beginning that transformative journey into their teenage years.

For parents, this can spark a mix of emotions. Pride in watching your child grow, coupled with apprehension about the obstacles they may face. You may find yourself catching glimpses of the child you used to know, while also excitedly looking ahead.

That’s why we’ve created Belong – an engaging event designed to help 6th grade students and their parents smoothly navigate this pivotal transition together.

Students: Get ready for an unforgettable experience showcasing everything our student ministry offers – fun games, energetic music, meaningful shared moments, and so much more. But most importantly, you’ll find your sense of belonging as you meet caring mentors, connect with peers, and get to know our amazing student ministry team.

Parents: You’ll have the chance to meet key staff members, hear directly from our directors about how student ministry operates, and learn tips for helping your child (and yourself!) thrive in this new stage. Towards the end of the morning, choose from workshops covering topics like:

  • Developmental challenges and how to address them
  • Communicating effectively with your pre-teen/teen
  • Volunteering with our student ministry
  • Tapping into mental health resources

Come with an open mind and all your questions – including the ones you didn’t know you had. We’ll make sure you leave feeling empowered for the road ahead.

This is a milestone you don’t want to miss. Secure your spot at Belong by registering below!

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