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June 20 - 28 2024
Woodland Early Learning Center

Join us for a rewarding volunteer opportunity to beautify KCPS Woodland Early Education Center! We’re embarking on a school makeover project aimed at creating a vibrant and inspiring environment for young learners. As a volunteer, you’ll have the chance to roll up your sleeves and make a tangible difference through painting, maintenance tasks, cleaning, prepping, and various other jobs.

By participating in this initiative, you’ll not only enhance the physical appearance of the school but also contribute to the overall well-being and morale of the students, teachers, and staff. Together, we can create a space where children can thrive and feel proud of their learning environment.

No prior experience is necessary – just bring your enthusiasm and willingness to make a difference. Join us in this fulfilling endeavor to beautify Woodland Early Education Center and leave a lasting impact on the community. Let’s paint, clean, and transform together!

Serve with us

Bring your small group or work friends and spend a few hours serving in a way that will brighten the days of staff and students in the coming school year.
Register for your dates and times below!

Starting at Resurrection Leawood

Let the fun begin!! This morning, we’re kicking off our school makeover adventure at Resurrection Leawood. From 8:30-11:30 We’ll be gathering to load up our box trucks with all the essentials: paint supplies, drop cloths, ladders, and more! These supplies are the foundation of our project and will be transported to Woodland Early Education Center where volunteers will put them to good use throughout the makeover. It all starts with this crucial first step – thank you for helping us make it happen!

School Prep Day

Now that we’ve got all our supplies ready, it’s time to dive into the essential preparation phase to ensure Woodland is primed and ready for its makeover week! Volunteers will be busy laying down drop cloths to protect floors and surfaces, preparing walls by patching up any imperfections and giving them a smooth surface for painting, and taking care of any other tasks necessary to create the perfect canvas. This step sets the stage for the exciting week ahead – let’s get to work and make this transformation a reality!

Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or just looking to lend a helping hand, there’s a role for everyone in this project. From refreshing the walls with bright coats of paint to sprucing up administrative spaces, every task contributes to the transformation of the school into a more welcoming and conducive learning environment.

Lunch provided for full day volunteers

Lunch provided for full day volunteers

Lunch provided for full day volunteers. Subject to work needing done.

Bless the volunteers with snacks to get them through the day!

Volunteer Requirements

To assure proper supervision and safety for all participants, the following policy applies to all youth volunteers who sign up with the Volunteer Coordinator or via online registration.

Youth 16 and older may participate unaccompanied in the School Makeover Event Project if they have a Youth Release Form, and both are signed by the parent/guardian of the youth. Releases may not be signed by any other person.

AGES 12 – 15
• All youth between the ages of 12 and 15 must be accompanied by an adult, with combined release form specified above, completed and signed by their parent or guardian. If adult other than parent is bringing a youth volunteer, please have parent of youth complete release in advance.

  • A ratio of 1 adult to every 3 youth volunteers must be maintained.
  • Adult sponsors must provide direct oversight for the activities of their charges at all times.
  • Youth must be transported to and from the site by their adult sponsors. They cannot be dropped off or wait for pick up at the site.
  • Youth will not be allowed in areas with scaffolding and will not be allowed on ladders.

For safety reasons, no one under the age of 12 may participate in this project or be on the project site.