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Connection & Care Ministers

Would you like to hear people’s stories and provide encouragement?

 Do you feel called to visit the sick, encourage the discouraged, celebrate life events, and lift one another in prayer? Perhaps you have incredible administrative skills and like to help organize systems and wish to serve in that way. Consider applying to be a Connection and Care Minister (CCM).

At Resurrection we strive to do ministry with excellence. One way is through the partnership between our CCMs and our pastors. With a congregation our size, we rely on trained CCMs to serve with each of our pastors and staff in making hospital visits, following up on prayer requests, providing one-on-one support for those going through a difficult issue, and much more.

What is a CCM?

Connection and Care Ministers are volunteers specifically trained to work alongside pastors and staff to minister to and care for our congregation. Once an applicant is accepted to the team, training is provided based on Rev. Karen Lampe’s book The Caring Congregation, which serves as a manual to guide us, organize our congregations for care, and equip people to listen, visit, comfort and encourage congregants.

CCMs make hospital visits, call people in need of personal contact, meet one-on-one with those in need of a listening ear for prayer and encouragement, offer support to grieving families, proactively seek to encourage and care for persons in need and much more. CCMs serve on a team alongside other CCMs, led by a pastor. While there is a wide variety of duties a CCM can do, most serve in areas where they feel most gifted.
Our training covers topics such as Theology of Care, Boundaries and Ethical Practices, Listening, Hospital Visits, Grief, and Prayer.

What are the requirements to serve as a CCM?

Connection and Care Ministers are strongly encouraged to complete at least one year of Disciple Bible Study.
The following may be substituted for Disciple:

  • Participation in a “Getting to Know Your Bible” study or other extensive study of Scripture (please provide explanation in application) 
  • Reading Making Sense of the Bible by Rev. Adam Hamilton and discuss with a pastor.
  • Involvement in a group that is aiding in your spiritual growth.


We ask that Connection and Care Ministers know and support Resurrection’s values and perspectives articulated in the following statements. You do not have to agree with every part of each statement, but as a leader at Resurrection we expect you to represent these values to our congregants. 

  • All Connection and Care Ministers will be required to complete the Connection and Care Ministers Training Course. CCMs can expect training to cover 10 – 15 hours.
  • Connection and Care Ministers will also be required to be certified through The United Methodist Church’s Safe Gatherings training. This course can be taken online at
  • Ideally, Connection and Care Ministers have been active members Resurrection for three years. However, we also recognize that we have new and growing locations (including online), and this may not be possible. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of Resurrection’s pastoral staff. For consideration, we ask that you connect with an appointed pastor at Resurrection and attach a reference to this application. 
  • Fulfill the four expectations of our members: 1. Attending worship each weekend except when sick or out of town, 2. actively pursuing growth in the Christian life through participation in a small group or some other form of Christian discipleship, 3. serving God with their time in the ministry of the church, and 4. giving financially in proportion to one’s income with the tithe being the goal. 
  • Connection and Care Ministers will be required to agree to and sign the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection Volunteer Leader Covenant (View Here) . As leaders, we set the tone and pace for the entire congregation. We shape the heart, character, and life of this Christian community. For this reason, it is vital that we walk the Christian walk. Spiritually healthy leaders will produce a spiritually healthy church. The following covenant was developed to guide our life together as leaders. We use these standards to hold ourselves accountable to pursuing the Christian life. And in so doing, we recognize that it is God’s grace which calls forth our faithful response and it is God’s grace which brings such transformation in our lives. 
  • Commit at least three hours per week to this ministry.

To Apply

If you are interested in being a Connection and Care Minister, please complete the CCM application and email it to your Location Pastor or Connection and Care Pastor.