2/9 Weather Alert:

Due to inclement weather, all daytime in-person programs have been canceled for Thursday, Feb. 9 at each of our locations and the cafe and bookstore at the Leawood location are closed until 5 pm. Evening programs will be held, as scheduled.

2/12 Reminder:

There is no 5 pm evening worship at the Leawood location. 

Small Groups

Why Small Groups?

Welcome to Resurrection small groups! “Small groups” have become so commonplace in contemporary churches that many of us have taken for granted their significance. We forget that the Christian faith is best lived in relationship with other believers, and that these relationships have the power to change us. Despite how commonplace small groups have become in churches, though, what is not commonplace is their power. We may hear the message of the Gospel at church, but small groups empower us through group dialogue to become that message for the world. We’re here to help you along that journey. It doesn’t have to be burdensome or overbearing – we believe these relationships can change your life!

The Small Group Journey

Small group ministry at Resurrection occurs alongside our church’s purpose statement: to build a Christian community where nonreligious and nominally religious people are becoming deeply committed Christians. “Becoming” entails constant growth, and therefore the long-term vision for small groups is one of gradual maturation in the Christian faith. The small group journey holds in tension the formation of close community on the one hand, and responding to God when we are called to take the next step in our faith on the other hand. We talk about the small group journey in three stages. As you begin your time with our small group ministry, you will hear detailed information about each stage.


Stage one has two major goals in mind: a commitment to learning how to serve your fellow small group members well, and the cultivation of a deep awareness of your personal story. A small group journal will facilitate this stage.


Stage 2 also has two major goals in mind: the development of a deep life of personal devotion, and the sharing of your faith through mentorship. An additional small group journal will facilitate this stage.


Ultimately, our desire is that through your participation in a small group, you might come to respond to God’s call on your life to disciple others. If our journey is one of “becoming” – of continued growth in God’s love – that road will lead us towards making a decision to disciple other people, which is the major goal of stage 3.