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Prayer Tip: Called

November 12, 2023

Daily Scripture

Acts 13:2-3, Romans 1:1 and 7, Ephesians 4:1 (CEB)

[In Antioch], as they were worshipping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, “Appoint Barnabas and Saul to the work I have called them to undertake.” After they fasted and prayed, they laid their hands on these two and sent them off.

From Paul, a slave of Christ Jesus, CALLED to be an apostle and set apart for God’s good news… To those in Rome who are dearly loved by God and CALLED to be God’s people.

Therefore, as a prisoner for the Lord, I encourage you to live as people worthy of the CALL you received from God.

Daily Reflection & Prayer

“As iron sharpens iron, so a person sharpens his friend.” –Proverbs 27:17

The stories of Paul traveling and spreading the word of God are incredible to read. I love hearing how he saves people along the way and meets new friends such as Aquila and Priscilla, or Lydia with her purple cloth. He traveled with Barnabas and Silas who journeyed with him, and his faithful friend Luke was with him until the end.

Paul often faced rejection in his ministry. He knew he was called, and was doing God’s will, but he still needed the help of his faithful friends. He was setting up churches and communities of support for others so they would have people to lean on as well. We were meant to journey life together.

During this time of Thanksgiving and gratitude I suggest we pray for our friends and connections in the community. May they be strong, holy, sacred, safe and life giving.

Prayer Suggestions for the Week

  • Mon-Fri choose three different friends to pray for.
  • Take a day and walk up and down your neighborhood and pray for your neighbors.
  • Do a Throw Back Thursday prayer and pray for your best friend in first grade.
  • Pray for your relationships at work to be strong, for your words to be kind and grace filled.

If you find that you are in a season where you are struggling with friendships, pray for that daily.

On your holiday journey may you find yourself blessed by others and able to be a blessing to others.


Dear Jesus, thank you for guiding and directing our ways, and thank you for the gift of friendship to make the journey of life richer. Please help us to be good friends and welcoming faces to strangers. Amen.

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Ashly Cooley

Ashly Cooley

This week's prayer tip is by Ashly Cooley. She has been on staff since 2015 and this is the best job she has ever had. She is passionate about serving the Lord, normalizing mental health care, and is a self-proclaimed bibliophile. She enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter, extended family and friends as well as dancing badly and snuggling her dog, Bessie.

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