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Prayer Tip: Lost and Found

October 22, 2023

Daily Scripture

Luke 15: 8-10 (CEB)

“What woman, if she owns ten silver coins and loses one of them, won’t light a lamp and sweep the house, searching her home carefully until she finds it? When she finds it, she calls together her friends and neighbors, saying, ‘Celebrate with me because I’ve found my lost coin.’ In the same way, I tell you, joy breaks out in the presence of God’s angels over one sinner who changes both heart and life.”

Daily Reflection & Prayer

Though we may not be able to personally relate to a losing a sheep, we each can likely relate to losing money (a coin), a credit card, car keys or a cell phone. For me it’s a weekly occurrence. I dread looking for things and am impatient with myself.

Today while searching for my lost phone, I prayed. Retracing my steps, I asked The Holy Spirit to help me remember where I last had it. In my frenzy I prayed for peace to think clearly. I was already running late and would need to leave without my phone.

The feeling of being “phoneless” left me rattled. But as I drove to my appointment, The Holy Spirit reminded me that lost phones are not nearly as important as lost people. The Spirit prompted me to remember The Parable of the Lost Coin. Jesus tells us that God’s angels rejoice every time one lost person is found.

So the next time we find ourselves searching for something we have lost, might this prompt us to pray for someone who feels lost? Might we ask Jesus to prepare their heart for the Good News of salvation? Might we pray for wisdom and courage to share our faith story with them? We could ask the Holy Spirit to provide the right words and time? Together we may find that searching for something that is lost will not be nearly as frustrating if we use the time to pray for someone who is lost.


Lord, when I lose something, send your Holy Spirit to prompt me to pray for someone who feels lost. Direct my steps helping me find the thing I have lost. Direct my words helping me to share your love with someone who feels lost.  Align my thoughts with your thoughts. Use me today and every day so that my time here on earth is not lost on things. Give me a heart focused on people. Help me to see people more like you see them. Help me to love people more like you love them! Amen.

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Lisa Wilt

Lisa Wilt

This week's prayer tip is by Lisa Wilt, a member and greeter at the Blue Springs campus. She is an inspirational speaker, podcaster, and author of five books. Lisa’s 1-Minute W.O.W. Words air twice daily on Lisa and her husband have 2 grown children and one grandson, Elijah David. The title that most defines Lisa is CHILD OF GOD. As her family will tell you, Lisa’s singing is dreadful, but her banana bread is delightful. Visit her at

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