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Prayer Tip: The I Am Sayings of Jesus

March 26, 2023

Daily Scripture

John 6:16-20 (CEB) and misc. verses

When evening came, Jesus’ disciples went down to the lake. They got into a boat and were crossing the lake to Capernaum. It was already getting dark and Jesus hadn’t come to them yet. The water was getting rough because a strong wind was blowing. When the wind had driven them out for about three or four miles, they saw Jesus walking on the water. He was approaching the boat and they were afraid. He said to them, “I Am. Don’t be afraid.”

[Throughout John’s gospel, Jesus said,]

  • I am the bread of life.
  • I am the light of the world.
  • I am the gate of the sheep.
  • I am the good shepherd.
  • I am the resurrection and the life.
  • I am the way, the truth, and the life.
  • I am the true vine.

Daily Reflection & Prayer


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Picture of Jennifer Creager

Jennifer Creager

Jennifer Creagar is the Community Assistance Coordination Director in Resurrection's Congregational Care Ministry. She is married and loves spending time with her family, and she enjoys writing and photography.

Do you have a picture of God in your mind when you pray? I’m most likely to picture the wind on the trees or the night sky, but when I’m afraid, today’s Scripture is the picture that comes to mind. Jesus walking across the storm-driven waves, lightning flashing and thunder rumbling, while I am with his disciples, cowering in the bottom of the little boat, frightened by whatever storm has entered my life. And Jesus says, “I am. Don’t be afraid.” Not even “Look, over here, I’m walking on these waves,” or “I am going to shut this storm down.”

Just “I am.”

When I am frightened, I tend to forget that Jesus IS, and frantically look for answers and solutions, and something to make it all go away. I want to stop the storm and make the sun come out. Myself. While I’m praying and asking for the solution I have dreamed up to be successful, or praying and crying because I’ve convinced myself that there is no way to make the sun come out, Jesus is waiting for me to look up and realize that he IS. He is there. He’s surrounding the storm, and he’s surrounding me.

God is in the wind in the trees, and the beauty of the night sky, and he’s in the storms, too, standing above it, looking at us lovingly and reminding us that he IS, and we don’t have to be afraid. When we are afraid we can look to see Jesus standing there in the middle of it all, reaching out to us.

Jesus, help me look first to you when trouble comes, and know that you are God of the wind in the trees and the stars in the sky and the storms that rise up, and I don’t have to fear because you love me, and you see me, and you surround me forever. Amen.

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