11/26 Weather Alert:

In-person worship services will be held as scheduled this Sunday. Please use discretion when determining whether roads are safe for your personal travel.

If you are unable to travel, consider joining worship online HERE at 7:30, 9, 11 or 5pm, on-demand at Resurrection’s YouTube channel, or on TV at KMCI 38 at 8am or 11am.

6/10 Car Show:

We are watching the weather and at this time the Car Show is still on as scheduled for the public, open from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm. We will keep you updated as conditions change.

JOY in Serving Opportunities

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December Serve Opportunities

This holiday season, we’re excited to offer a range of JOY  Serve Opportunities for you and your friends. Whether you’re interested in donating or getting hands-on with serving, we have plenty of options for you to choose from.

Once you’ve signed up, keep an eye on your inbox for a confirmation email. It’ll contain all the important details, including the location where you should report for your serving activities. To explore these opportunities and sign up, click on the event link below.

We look forward to seeing you there and making a difference together this JOY-filled season!

JOY Toys - Partner Schools

We’re excited to share how our toy drive continues to support our partner school’s incentive stores all year long. These special stores give kids the chance to earn points for achievements like good grades and attendance, which they can later exchange for various items throughout the year. It’s incredible to witness the positive impact these stores have had on individual growth and academic success.

The best part? You can choose the bags you need as they are neatly organized by gender, grades, and colors. Feel free to select the ones that suit your preferences and help us spread the joy. Your support is making a world of difference in the lives of these children, and we’re so grateful for it.

Sponsored Families

Spread the holiday cheer by sponsoring a family or child through gift-giving! Visit the Christmas tree near the Local Missions Desk, adorned with ornaments indicating family sizes. Simply choose an ornament, fill out the accompanying card, and return it by December 10 to receive the family’s wish list. It’s a wonderful way to make someone’s holiday brighter. Plus, remember, each of our locations is supporting different organizations for these sponsorships. Thank you for your kindness and generosity during this festive season!  To donate click here

Global Missions

Bibles for Malawi

Help families in rural Malawi purchase a $15 Bible by donating $12 per Bible.  The family will pay the remaining $3 to invest in their faith growth.  Help make an eternal difference in the lives of families throughout Malawi!

Below is a photo of a Chichewa Bible:

biblesjoywebsite (3)
Abara House Dignity Kits

For just $20 you can help outfit a migrant family with some essentials to help along their journey. Things like undergarments, diapers, snacks, and toiletries. Oftentimes when folks arrive they only have the clothes on their backs and one or two personal items. Our partner organization, Abara has a warehouse full of the basics. Migrants can go through the warehouse and choose what they need for their next leg of the journey. Consider helping stock the warehouse!

Holiday Fund

We kindly invite you to consider making a donation to our holiday fund. Your contribution, no matter the size, will directly enhance the lives of individuals and families within our community. Your support will help provide meals, gifts, and essential resources to those who might otherwise go without during this season of giving.