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“Do Unto Others as you would have them do unto you.”
– Matthew 7:12

Do Unto Others is a grassroots movement launched by Resurrection, a United Methodist Church in the Kansas City area, to encourage people to be intentional about treating one another with kindness, overcoming the polarization in our country through civility and respect.

Jesus taught that we should treat others as we want them to treat us – including those with whom we disagree. Known as The Golden Rule, a version of this teaching can be found in almost every religion in the world. This universal rule holds the power to bring people together again.

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Join the Movement

Make a Personal Commitment

Begin with your own deliberate actions and interactions, modeling what it looks like to live by the Golden Rule.

Share the Message

Throughout the summer and fall, we’ll be sharing this simple message through t-shirts, yard signs, stickers, buttons, and social media.

Learn, Serve and Grow

Join us for special programs, events, study and service opportunities when the campaign officially kicks off in August.


Order your campaign t-shirts. Resurrection has partnered with a fair-trade apparel company, GOEX, to produce this year’s campaign t-shirts. T-shirts can be ordered online and will be shipped directly to your home. Learn more GOEX and their impactful business model that creates fair-wage jobs and supports families in the US and Haiti.

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Yard Signs (Coming Soon)

Campaign for kindness by showing your support with yard signs.
Yard signs will be provided to Resurrection congregants beginning in August.

Other Resources

Click on images to download shareable graphics to share the message on your personal social media and digital backgrounds, and link to an online store for other branded merchandise.


Digital Backgrounds

Store (Coming Soon)

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