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Talk & Tunes

For kids and their grown-ups to do together!

Adult and child talking points, do together, Bible words and a song playlist for the car! New each month to compliment what they are learning in Sunday School. Download April Talk & Tunes



  • Discuss times we have to wait – for a turn, a birthday, a phone, what else?
  • What times are hardest to show patience?
  • Waiting can make us wise; foolish responses come when we lose patience. Share times you’ve seen your child make wise choices.
  • God teaches us while we wait. What could you miss out on by not waiting?
  • Who do you know who’s good at waiting? How can you learn from them?


Determine something coming up requiring a small amount of waiting. Begin a simple journal and write down everyone’s feelings along the way. When was it hard to have patience? What helped? Say a prayer after each entry – God is with us while we wait!


“Wait for the Lord. Be strong and don’t lose hope. Wait for the Lord.”

Psalm 27:14 NlrV



  • Find the brightest light or star you can and talk about why it shines so brightly.
  • Jesus shows us how to shine brightest of all-when we do what he says like being kind, helping, sharing, not arguing or complaining.
  • When we shine and love like Jesus, other people see our light and can know Jesus
  • loves them too!


Drawing stars or using star stickers, decorate a poster for the family. Over many days, add all the ways you can shine like Jesus. Praise your kids for the times they were kind and a good friend, and also when they chose not to complain or argue.


“Let your light shine.”

Matthew 5:16 NIV

April Tunes

Click to go to our Spotify playlist of songs we are learning in April.

Elementary Playlist

Early Childhood Playlist

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