Weather Alert:

Church programs for Monday, Jan. 22 will resume their normal schedule at all locations this evening.

Programming Note:

Leawood’s Sunday night in-person worship has been moved to 4 pm for Sunday, February 11. 

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Jesus at the Lake:

Our Summer Revival 2023 sermon series focuses on three stories from Jesus' ministry that all happened in and around the Sea of Galilee. Pastor Adam will guide us as we learn about when Jesus called his disciples, when Jesus calmed the storm, and when Jesus healed a man who had been plagued by pain and brokenness his entire life. Then, we will explore what those stories mean for our life and faith today.

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July 23, 2023
The Man Among The Tombs
July 16, 2023
In a Boat, On a Lake, In a Storm
July 9, 2023
Jesus is Calling YOU

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