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Church programs for Monday, Jan. 22 will resume their normal schedule at all locations this evening.

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Leawood’s Sunday night in-person worship has been moved to 4 pm for Sunday, February 11. 

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Lessons in Prayer from the Bible's Leading Characters:

From the cries of anguish to the songs of praise, the men and women of the Bible prayed with candor and passion. They struggled, they questioned, they confessed and they worshipped, but above all, they discovered an intimate relationship with God through prayer. In this series on prayer, we can learn lessons from the characters of the Bible and explore new ways to deepen our own prayer lives. Is there a “right” way to pray? What if my prayers seem routine and empty? How do I know God hears me? Wherever you are on your faith journey, this series will offer something to help you develop a richer, more meaningful relationship with God through prayer.

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November 21, 2010
Prayer and the Apostle Paul
November 14, 2010
Conversations with the Messiah: Jesus' Followers
November 7, 2010
Learning Prayer from the Master
October 31, 2010
David and His Psalms
October 24, 2010
A Man Just Like Us
October 17, 2010
But Moses Said to God…

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