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COR Stu - Blog 3


Costa Rica: Students June 8-14, 2024

Day 3 – full work day

While back at Costa Rica Mission Projects during meal times, Luke, a COR graduate, bonded with Santiago, the son of the assistant of CRMP (Hugito) over musical interests.

Luke is a drummer with the ytheffect and in main church services while at home, and sought to teach Santiago a variety of beats.

Luke says “I love teaching and conversing with Santiago because he helps me with my Spanish, and I help him learn the drums.”

After our nightly debrief, a group of girls decided to stay by the fire pit and dance. Gabi acted as a dance teacher teaching Evelyn, Grace, and Caitlynn hispanic/latino dances. The girls’ determination was extremely admirable and they were super eager to learn. It was so fulfilling to watch their faces light up when they realized they had learned the dance! Evelyn especially worked so hard to learn and didn’t give up until she did. Gabi felt an immense amount of pride while watching them dance.