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COR Stu - Blog 2


Costa Rica: Students June 8-14, 2024

Day 2 (full work day) blog

After a good night’s sleep fully settled into Costa Rica Mission projects, we ate a delicious breakfast with some fresh pineapple and prepared for a day of work. Megan delivered a wonderful devotion and then we headed off. Some stayed to help with the childcare center, helping with teaching and playing with the kids. While the rest took a 40 minute bus ride to the work site in Santa Marta where they helped build up the education center and parsonage.

The afternoon was rainy but after working, we enjoyed some down time before a dinner of pasta. Worship included a local kid singing with us and then we broke out into church groups to debrief the day. The day ended with some card games and showers and with that we were off to sleep!

On the worksite. Hailey, Natalie, and Liv made an effort to talk to the mother and daughter. Despite the language barrier, Liv was a great translator. The girls learned about Samantha and how she is in 5th grade. Connections are an amazing and critical part of missions work and we are so happy they made this one and where able to see God through it today.

Those of us who stayed at Costa Rica Missions Projects to help with daycare were able to spend time with preschool aged children. While helping with crafts and in the classroom, Kaitlyn, a rising COR senior, bonded with a little girl named Inada.

Kaitlyn says, “At first the language barrier was difficult, but seeing how much Inada looked up to me and always wanted me to be around her made me realize that we can communicate in many different ways.”