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Costa Rica - Day 2


Costa Rica: June 1-8, 2024

“Just being church.”….
……Will Bailey, Costa Rica Mission Project.

We woke up to the sounds of the Costa Rican jungle at the Costa Rica Mission Project in San Isidro, Costa Rica. The heat and humidity far outweigh that of the Midwest but thankfully our cabin was full of oscillating fans that took the edge off of the heat. We enjoyed a late breakfast with our new friends from South Carolina before loading the buses for the ten minute drive to the local United Methodist Church. Our Costa Rican church and its members welcomed us as if we were extended family that had been long lost with open arms and warm hugs, genuinely thankful for answered prayers. We prayed and thanked God during our Sunday school lesson (Ephesians 4:1-10, and 14), knowing that we are all essential and important and have things to both give and things that we must be open to receiving.

The beauty of doing church in Costa Rica was further revealed at lunch. We were served a delicious Costa Rican homemade meal of rice, beans, pork chop and plantains in a warm banana leaf. Just as a handwritten note sometimes says more than the written words themselves, a homemade Costa Rican lunch wrapped with care was extra special and symbolic of the mission project.

After lunch we boarded the buses and drove the curvy road 45 minutes to the coast. We listened to the sounds of the ocean waves at Playa Dominical while enjoying the feel of the black sand beach. Market vendors and palm trees set a beautiful stage to enjoy a delicious smoothie and foster new friendships. We returned to the mission center for games and a pizza dinner.

Will, director & minister at the Costa Rican Mission Project, described what the Mission Project is truly about at dinner when he spoke about the five principles of a church that include: Worship, Prayer, Fellowship, Witness, and Service. He weighs each principle equally because you can’t have church without all five. We are so excited to be doing church with our South Carolina group, the local church, and the people of Costa Rica themselves…. All working together in forming relationships that are blessings to each other and honoring Jesus.

We are looking forward to working hard at “doing church” again tomorrow with our Costa Rican family!