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Costa Rica Jan 2024 Blog 1

Jan 21, 2024

Costa Rica

Today our mission trip begins with 11 team members.  4 hombres (men) and 7 mujeres (women).  We arrived via 4 different flights and we are hoping that the game of “Where’s Waldo” will be the hardest people coordination game we will play while we are here!

On this trip thus far we have learned that Rusty’s basketball team must not be very good.  Marlene enjoys route tracking, and my (Barb’s) Spanish is less than fluent but at times helpful.
On the four hour drive to camp, our driver Daniel, who you’ll most likely hear about a lot, stopped and bought a 4# bag of potatoes.  He said it’s our comida (food) for breakfast, lunch, and dinner tomorrow. He laughed. We laughed….and yet we’re still hoping he’s kidding ;-)   Wil (infamous ministry director and leader of this incredible mission), greeted us when we arrived at camp. We claimed our bunks and met some of the most important beings at the camp; Felicia and Beatrice (who had our dinner prepared), and Bob (the camp dog), who was anxious for our leftovers….but we promise we didn’t indulge him.
The evening ended with a devotional from Susan, and instructions on how to start the coffee percolator in the morning…. Both incredibly important ways to end our first evening together.