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Church programs for Monday, Jan. 22 will resume their normal schedule at all locations this evening.

Programming Note:

Leawood’s Sunday night in-person worship has been moved to 4 pm for Sunday, February 11. 

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Costa Rica Jan 2024 Blog 5

Jan 25, 2024

Costa Rica

Day 5 started with music!

As we trickled in for breakfast, we were greeted by contemporary Christian music via speaker, which transitioned to in-person singing of “Be Still My Soul”, by our group members Marlene, Susan, David, & Brenda.  All of the music was Marlene’s fantastic way of setting up her daily devotional on Joy, Rest, and Renewal.

Our day at the worksite was a productive and uplifting one.  The highlight of the work day was the setting of the last wall panels for the pastor’s home! But the best part of the day was attending the pastor’s miercoles por la noche (Wednesday night) service. The congregation was so welcoming and appreciative of what we and others have and are doing for their church.  The music was so uplifting and sharing the body and blood of Christ with them will be an experience none of us will ever forget.

On the full moon drive back to camp, we got an opportunity to see the magnificent flames from an intentional sugar cane field fire…from a safe distance.

It was a long yet incredibly rewarding day.  Tomorrow…last day on the jobsite.