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Costa Rica Jan 2024 Blog 6

Jan 26, 2024

Costa Rica

Today started with a devotional from the sibling duo, David & Julie.  Their joint devotional displayed a strength in vulnerability that has been unmatched this week, and also showed the love & support that a great sibling relationship is to be founded upon.

Daniel took a detour through the countryside on our way to the worksite allowing us the opportunity to see a sugar cane processing factory up close.

Our last day at the worksite included painting of the future truss elements, dirtwork for an expansion, cutting & setting concrete formwork, placing concrete, an improptu “interview” of Wil by Marlene and Cathie, and more fresh fruit with our lunch.  We have become very spoiled by the amazing fresh fruit in this country.  Leaving the worksite and saying goodby to the Costa Rican construction team leaders was harder than any of us would have expected just 4 short days earlier.

Huguito and his family, as well as Wil and his family (including his madre (mother) who is visiting from North Carolina) joined us for what I would call a familia (family) dinner!

The day ended with a literal fireside chat in which we all got a little sappy as we thought about how 7 days ago, this now very connected group, had never been in the same room.  The reality that this trip is quickly coming to a close became apparent.