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Costa Rica Jan 2024

Jan 28, 2024

Costa Rica

And on the seventh day…they rested.

This morning started with a devotional from yours truly.  Our pending trip to Manuel Antonio National Park and my love of nature made this the perfect day to craft a devotional encouraging each person to take in the beauty they would experience today and remember that nature is truly a gift from God.  God has provided this gift for both respite and play, and he is filled with joy as he watches us enjoy his gift.

The park did not disappoint.  We saw sloths, pelicans, iguanas, monkeys, beaches, a waterfall, and even two members from Resurrection Brookside!  It is possible that Julie spent more time exploring the gift shop than the park, but the amount of gifts that she purchased for friends and family back home once again showed what we have come to love most about Julie…the size of her heart.

After our park adventures, we enjoyed a tree top meal before boarding the bus to San Jose.  The fantastic meal however, paled in comparison to the view from our mesa (table) that included parasailers, sailboats, and the seemingly endless horizon.

I, and probably others, utilized the four hour bus ride back through the mountains to San Jose, to reflect upon this incredible journey.  To my group mates, now friends, I want to extend thanks for welcoming me as the “kid” on this trip and allowing me the opportunity to document our adventure including the numerous parts you may not have expected to go “public”. To those that have been following our journey by reading this blog, I want you to know that this was my first mission trip and I signed up without knowing a single other person on the trip.  With that information, I want to encourage you to do as I have done…step out of your comfort zone and take your first, or next, mission trip and “Be Church” to those you don’t yet know. The fear of the unknown can only be overcome by making the unknown…known.

Until next time…Pura Vida to all, and to all a good life.