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Honduras August 2023 Blog 4

August 8, 2023

Honduras III

Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Today we were blessed to be able to host ~20 youth and their moms for special programming. We started with an encouraging sermon by Pastor Hector and then a delicious snack of baleadas (tortilla, frijoles, queso, y crema.) We then made bookmarks to take back to the states with us. We had supplies of paint, markers, yarn, etc. And everyone was SO creative and talented – we cannot wait to share these bookmarks with our OP friends back home. After this some of the moms circled up with some of the women from our group and got to share in community. There were lots of laughs and stories shared. It was a memorable experience!

We had a shared lunch and then continued programming that they had prepared. Roughly translated – the afternoon message was about four ways to keep God in our lives. 1.) We’re filled by His love. 2.) Work on ourselves first 3.) Be an example to others 4.) Be vigilant, keep your guard up. We ended out time by praying over the youth. It was POWERFUL!

Our group departed Pastor Joshua and four others from our team went with Milton on a visit to an older couple who is struggling financially and in need of support.  We assisted with delivery of a “blessing basket”, actually multiple suitcases full of food and other needed items.  In the hour we spent with the couple, we shared stories, experiences, sang songs while Aiden played the wife’s guitar, and finally said prayers of blessing, after which they insisted on doing the same for us with their pastor leading.  It was incredibly moving and impactful experience for this group to be the hands and feet of Jesus to a couple who true needed to be blessed.

Photos: Making Baleadas, bookmarks, praying for blessing basket couple