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Honduras August 2023 Blog 5

August 9, 2023

Honduras III

August 9, 2023

Today (Wednesday) was a day of two field trips; one that came to us and another that we took.

This morning 25 youngsters and some of their moms from a church that COR sponsors—came to see us at the mission house.  We played games, watched their skit about the Good Samaritan, sang songs and wrote notes to the kids at COR.  We reciprocated by performing a skit about Jesus feeding the multitude, written and directed by Suzy. Before breaking for lunch, Aiden and Piper led all of us in a beautiful, bilingual version of Jesus Loves Me.

The afternoon featured a touching mission visit to a nearby home for the elderly. Here is a personal story from Matt about that field trip:

“This will be one of the more memorable visits I’ve had on this journey in Honduras. Today we visited a nursing home near the Mission house. I met this man, Sanyo, to pray for him, and he mentioned he was a pastor, but that was about all he said that I could understand. I just said “Ah, bien. ¿Quieres que orar por ti?” (Good. Would you like me to pray with you?”) He said, “Si” and I shared a prayer I had written and translated to Spanish. Then I felt the Holy Spirit nudge me to go back and speak to him. I’m so happy I listened to that nudge.

It turned out he knew a little English, and with the bit of Spanish that I’ve learned, we were able to hold a conversation for about 10 minutes before needing an interpreter. Through tears he shared that he had been a pastor for 30 years and planted 10 churches in that time in places in Honduras no one else would go to. He shared of miracles and God’s work that he had witnessed. Then at the end he asked if he could pray for Rigo (our interpreter who is with us on this trip) and I, just blessing us both. I’m really greatful for this journey and for people like Sanyo who reminded me of the beautiful blessing someone can be when they just give of their heart and everything they have. We just found this blessing today by pausing and listening.”

We are seeing God in so many moments here in Honduras.