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Honduras August 2023 Blog 7

August 11, 2023

Honduras III

August 11, 2023

It’s here. Our final day in Honduras. There is a mix of emotions going around. We are all eager to get home to our loved ones but this country, and it’s people, have also become part of our hearts and it is bittersweet to leave. I have no doubts that we are each leaving a little piece of ourselves in this beautiful country while also taking part of it with us.

Today, we had a cultural day. We went to Parque Nacional El Picacho (not to be confused with the Pokémon called Pikachu) where the “Christ Statue” in Tegucigalpa is. What a sight to behold! We hiked up to the statue base and then had a time of reflection with Pastor Joshua and concluded our time there by praying the Lord’s Prayer over, and with, the vast city below us.

From El Picacho we went to have lunch in Santa Lucia. Lunch is a very loose term because it was more like a small feast! Grilled meats, plantains, beans, cheese, rice, just to name a few things.. and what I would consider, the world’s best Limonada! I had mine with Mint and It was so light and refreshing, I am definitely going to try to recreate that back home.

After lunch we traveled to Valle de Angeles, translated Valley of the Angels, a popular tourist spot where we got to walk around, browse the shops, and just enjoy each others company for a little bit.

We headed back to the mission house to freshen up a bit and then off to dinner we went. Seeing the city at night, up close, for the first time was beautiful! We ate at an open air restaurant called La Crepería and as you might assume, their specialty is crepes. Savory and Sweet! Everyone was wowed when their meals came out due to their presentation and taste but I think dessert stole the show. We all left STUFFED full of the delicious food we enjoyed.

Our evening devotion was full of emotion as we selected words or short phrases to describe each other after spending so much time together. Words that came up were: Humble, Prayerful, Includer, Joyful, Strength, Leader, and many more. We have such a diverse and incredible team. I couldn’t imagine doing this trip without a single person present.

God, you were here before us – You will be here after us. Take good care of the people of Honduras. Thank you for letting us be a small part of the work you are doing in this country.