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Honduras - Day 2


Honduras: June 1-8, 2024

We are so excited to be in Honduras!!! After our safe arrival Saturday night (June 1), we woke up bright and early to a Honduran traditional breakfast tortilla with cotija cheese and eggs.  (Most of us had never even heard of cotija cheese- delicious!)  We took a quick group picture before leaving to go to church.  The mountains are so beautiful.

We drove an hour to worship at the United Methodist Church called Iglesia Metodista Unida – Cristo Resucitado, which is located in a city called Ciudad Espana.  It’s difficult to find words to describe the countless ways we sensed God’s movement.  We were welcomed with open arms into their church community.  Worship was powerful and full of energy and life.  Children danced while praise team led musically.  We were mindful that as we were worshipping in Honduras, our friends and families were worshipping in other parts of the world.  We loved Pastor Hector’s words: “The place you think is your home is not your home, not the sanctuary, your job… it is right where Christ lives in our heart.”


After worship we were invited to a lunch where we had the privilege of sitting around the tables with various members of the church, worship leaders, their families, as well as those who lead the weekday school.  We would later reflect on the power of connection… Connection as we learned about the school there, connection as friends were made, connection as we shared our common love for God.


Our last adventure before dinner was to tour the church that is on the second floor of the mission house where we are staying.  (Pastor is the woman not he far right, front row of this church.)  What a beautiful building and gracious pastor and her husband.  We actually did an impromptu singing of Amazing Grace as we


What an awesome day!  Ready for another!