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Honduras - Day 3


Honduras: June 1-8, 2024

Today was another full and powerful day!  We started extra bright and early, leaving at 5:45 a.m. in order to avoid Monday morning rush hour traffic. We made our way to the church in Ciudad Espana which also is a school during the week, with 354 students grades Kindergarten through 12th.  Amazingly, they start early every Monday and have a school assembly with all students and teachers and faculty.

The children did some teaching on the history of Honduras and important people to their culture.  There was also a meaningful teaching on what it means to be loyal.  It was so special to be a part of the children and adult leaders singing their national anthem.  Here’s a short clip of them singing at their assembly, as well as a picture of the assembly:

Our group divided into teams and taught English to the different classes. We will continue to teach for the next three days. Ours will be the only team from the U.S. that comes this year to teach English, and it is a tremendous opportunity both for them, to learn about our culture and language and also for us as we learn so much from them. Here are some pictures of teachers and students:

In the afternoon we had the opportunity to help with Vacation Bible School for 57 children.
We worked on crafts as well as dancing and telling stories through song and games, all sharing the story of Jonah.  We continued to deepen the bond that we had with these incredible children as we sang together in worship.  One thing we noticed was the children as young as five years old were practicing their English and in the process touching our hearts, asking to be our friends and giving us great big hugs.  We were so blessed.

Here’s our VBS Craft station.  Talk about a lot of blue!

Our hearts are full as we ready ourselves for tomorrow!

Buenos Noches, amigos!