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Honduras - Day 5


Honduras: June 1-8, 2024

Another great day at the school in Ciudad Espana!  Here we are, beginning our day along with the school principal who is in the front row.

We had an amazing time with the children again today.  The kids seemed to teach us as much as we taught them.  We had to think creatively with our 2nd graders and ended up doing some awesome music to help teach!  There was an inspiring class where the kids shared their dreams of careers with so much excitement.  Here are some pictures of our amazing students:

We learned of an inspiring scholarship program whereby people can sponsor a child’s education at the Juan Wesley school.  This is super important, because many (like hundreds) of families would love to provide their children with education through the 12th grade.  Some of our folks even began praying about the possibility of sponsoring a child’s education.  It’s so amazing that we actually have met these children, and love them.  Here’s a picture of Amanda, the Director of the Scholarship Program.

In the afternoon, we helped out with some work that needed to be done sanding down the doors to the sanctuary and beginning to paint them, as well as replacing the frames.  What a joy to work alongside church members and other partners.

We ended the day as we do each evening, with a time of worship through singing, sharing, reading Scripture and reflecting on the day.  Our hearts have been deeply touched as we recognize the work we are doing impacts children and families who are so truly grateful.

We are blessed to be here.  Grace and peace!