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Honduras JULY 2023 Blog 2

June 8, 2023

Honduras II

Sponsorship Breakfast and Cultural Day

This morning, some of our students that we sponsor through the Church of the Resurrection came and shared breakfast with us. We had the opportunity to spend time sharing what has happened in our lives, and taking pictures. Those that sponsor the students were so excited to reconnect. It was truly an amazing morning!

We then went to Valley of the Angels, which is a place where we had a chance to shop some local stores and buy souvenirs for ourselves and friends and family. We ate at a restaurant there and ate “pupupas” and drank delicious juices-watermelon, pineapple, and cantaloupe.

After Valley of the Angels, we started our drive to Denli. On the way we stopped at a town called Cantarrana. There were beautiful murals and artwork everywhere. Once we got to our hotel in Denli, we practice a song that we are teaching at Sunday School with the kids in El Obraje. We then ate dinner at a local place where we had Honduran tacos. They were delicious!! Then we came back came back to our hotel to do our nightly devotional and headed off to bed to rest up for tomorrow.