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Honduras JULY 2023 Blog 3

June 9, 2023

Honduras II

Bienvenido A El Obraje

We headed in early to climb the Stations of the Cross in Danli. It is a very steep clime and helps you remember what Jesus went through as he was carrying the cross. Once we got to the top, it was a breathtaking view of the city of Danli. We stayed up there for a bit and took pictures, soaking in all of God’s beauty.

After the Stations of the Cross, we came back to the hotel, prepared for Sunday School, ate breakfast, and set out for El Obraje. When we go to the church in El Obraje, we went inside and started Sunday School with all the kids. We started off with prayer, taught a song in English, and helped with the Sunday School activities. It was so fun getting to meet the students! We got to say “hasta mañana” to the students as they left. We are excited to spend the entire week with them.

We then met with Brendan (who is in charge of construction work) and Gabriella (who is in charge of the Vacation Bible School) translate out for the week. After that, we all ate lunch together and enjoyed getting to tell stories to each other.

We left El Obraje and a group of us went to the coffee shop just two doors down from our hotel.  It was just so fun to sit and fellowship with her teammates!

Dinner at our hotel by your amazing chef, Carlos. We finished off the day with our devotional and sharing some highlights of the day. Then off to bed as we have a long day tomorrow!