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Honduras JULY 2023 Blog 1

June 7, 2023

Honduras II

Arrival in Honduras

The team departed in the wee hours of various time zones to meet all together, in person for the very first time at the Miami airport. All flights were on time with no interruptions, answered prayers! Upon arrival in country, the team was greeted by Milton, Franklin, Issac and Rico! It is an incredible feeling to reconnect with old friends and be welcomed by new ones also!

The team arrived safely at the Mission House in Tegucigalpa in the early evening. As the team settled in, the sights and scenes from the city provided the perfect welcome to this new journey. The lovely cooking ladies, Cindy and Alexandra, served chicken and rice and the team sat and dined together, Honduran and US American. This team, this new family, brought together to serve, to embrace the uncomfortable and the unknown, to be His hands and feet.

Please pray for this team; prey for opportunities of vulnerability. For it is in these moments, the Holy Spirit softly speaks, pray that we keep listening.