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Malawi 2023 Blog 3

June 13, 2023


Today (Tuesday) was an adventure!  We went on a mountain trekking trip in a pink bus.  An hour and 15 minutes from the hospital where we met, on a ‘road’ that was often just a trail, we arrived in our pink bus.  The clinic was set-up in a school.  When we arrived, there were hundreds of people already waiting.  We quickly set up clinic, and with our Malawian partners, were able to serve a variety of ailments including lots of musculoskeletal which we completely understand given the things we have seen women carry in their head and the manual agriculture.   During flooding this spring, some of their huts collapsed on top of them resulting in head injuries.  We saw lots of sick babies and lots of new Moms.  Over the last 3 days of clinic, we have seen over 800 people.  We enjoy meeting our friends in Christ and while we have language barriers, everyone understands a smile and wave.