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Malawi 2023 Blog 5

June 17, 2023


So much to share! Friday was our last day in Madisi. We started our day with clinic at Wandikweza, working with our friends; Happy, a clinician, Dr. D from the Catholic Mission Hospital, Peter, and Collin clinicians, and pharmacy tech Dougras . Fondly referred to as Greg. An inside joke,😁. We also had the pleasure of working with Isabel and Grace, Mercy’s daughters. (Mercy is a longtime friend and founder and director of Wandikweza.)
We wrapped up our day about 12:30 after seeing more than 125 patients in about 3 hours.
We loaded up the pink bus and headed out to see what our Permaculture projects are all about.   We had to walk when we encountered an impassable bridge.   We were greeted in each village with song and dance.  The farmers provided us with information about their projects and proudly gave us tours of their raised gardens. This new way of growing fruits and vegetables has been life changing. They told us they now had healthy food for their family. It was so impressive! They have also learned to build composting toilets.
While visiting the Permaculture villages we saw the solar lights that have been given to more than 400 households. Another life changing project, the people can stay up later and socialize with their family. Children can also read or look at books. They no longer must buy batteries for their torches ( lamps, flashlights).
Check out Opulence on Facebook. We saw the dangerous older wells and we saw the newer water bore holes.  The chief’s wife taught us the proper way to pump water with a song.  They are doing amazing things in Malawi with permaculture and other programs.
Saturday we head to Lake Malawi for a little R & R. It’s been a great week serving and working with our friends in Madisi. Memories made and friendships formed.