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Malawi 2023 Blog 4

June 15, 2024


Our week is going fast!

Today’s clinic was in the village of Lambwe.  Our partners from Wandakweeza joined us and we saw about 120 patients today.  We saw some unique illnesses including a nasty parasite from the water, some children with cerebral palsy and Doctor Bill treated plantar fasciitis for one of our interpreters.  The school was nearby and the school children in their matching uniforms were entertaining.

After our clinic we toured the Madisi Mission Hospital.  We saw the adult, pediatric and OBGYN wards.  They deliver 120 babies a month and the women stay about 1 day for normal vaginal delivery and about 3 days for C-section.  We have a new appreciation for our medical facilities and equipment.

So far we haven’t seen much ‘wildlife’ but we have seen lots of free roaming goats and chickens.  We have seen cattle and pigs.  The donkeys and oxen are amazing transporting goods and people.  Speaking of transportation, you can ‘hire’ a taxi bicycle and you would be impressed with the amount of stuff they can move!

Some technology w

e have observed includes satellite dishes in top of huts, passed a cell tower, a water heating system at the hospital and solar panels attached to batteries for power.

We can’t believe we only have one more day of clinic and are preparing for it tonight!