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Malawi Sept 2023 Blog 2

September 18, 2023

Malawi II

The trip so far, for most of the team, has been a series of starts and stops.  Flight delays, missed flights, lost luggage,  along with hurry up and wait seemed to be our mantra for the trip. The good news is that once the team landed in Malawi and got on the road to Madisi all the problems of travel faded away.
Seeing the people of Malawi from the bus window changed the mood and brought all of our small problems into perspective.  Seeing the local population hauling firewood on their heads along the road and seeing women carrying water to their homes brought all our small missing luggage and flight delays into perspective.
We ended the day with a wonderful meal at the hotel and even celebrated a birthday.  We are rested and ready for a new day, even though some on the team only have the cloths they arrived in.  Clothes and toiletries were shared with those that lost their luggage and we moved on to ready ourselves for a new day of possibilities.