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Malawi Sept 2023 Blog 3

September 19, 2023

Malawi II

The short ride in our pink bus to the village of Madisi passed through several small villages where the morning hustle and bustle of commerce was in full force.  Our arrival in Madisi was met with the singing voices of the 28 students who were in the main meeting hall awaiting our arrival.
This year all the students were studying to be tailors so our focus was on ways to help them establish their business name and market their services to the communities that they lived in.
Introductions revealed that many of the students traveled hundreds of kilometers to be at this gathering for the week.  They were all focused on finding ways to be successful in their businesses.
Small group break out sessions revealed that many of the students already had successful tailoring businesses but were being dragged down by the high cost of renting their sewing machines.
We had training sessions on Branding and Marketing and on Business Management.  The students presented some if their success stories and challenges.
One one short day we made a connection with each of the students and were amazed at the obstacles in their personal lives that they had overcome in order to complete their studies and start their own businesses.
We closed the day with singing and dancing.  The students needed no musical instruments to fill the room with praise songs.  Their voices were more heavenly than any band or orchestra could ever accomplish.  We were in awe of the sounds of praise their combined voices achieved.
It was the best benediction and closing of a day of learning that we have ever seen.  Can’t wait for tomorrow!!!