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SAF - Blog 2


South Africa: June 7-17, 2024



Travel days!!

We made it to the KCI airport by 5am and were able to get on board without having to check our carry-ons. We were worried the airline would make us check bags since the flight was full and we were zone 6 for boarding. Our flights were non-eventful, which is a great thing. The 5 hour layovers in Atlanta and Amsterdam weren’t too bad. A couple of us slept on a bench in Amsterdam because we were squished for so long. It was good to get horizontal and stretch out. The last flight only had three floor compartments for four seats, so that was a bit of a struggle, the seat neighbor was very kind about sharing foot space. Both flights were cramped and even the younger ones were dealing with stiff joints in the end. But we persevered.

The meals served on the long flights were interesting. The flight from Amsterdam to Johannesburg pared pizza and lentils, which surprised us. 

We drove at night from Johannesburg to Pretoria and arrived at our lovely accommodations about 11:30pm.  The very nice staff knew we would be tired and had snacks for us in our rooms and we went right to bed!!

Kaci, Angela, Theresa

Theresa and Bruce

Angela, Whitney, Pat

Angela, Morgan, Whitney

Last leg of flights; Amsterdam to Johannesburg.


Angela Epps