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Uganda Feb 2024 Blog 2

Feb 1, 2024


We made it!! 38 hours of traveling to get to Bulike, Uganda. So glad to be here.
We had a wonderful stay Tuesday night and a refreshing breakfast. We got to meet our hosts Dr Ronald and his wife Rhonda. What a joy they are.

You will see from the pics below the start of our trip as well as some photos of the last 48 hours. It’s been incredible.

In particular, Wednesday we got to see Dr Ronald’s new project and property to build a church, school, and counseling center. We met with a team that helps with vulnerable youth and talked about their new partner working with Zoe project. We work with ZP in Malawi as well. It was beautiful to see how much of an impact they are having on these communities and providing hope and direction for so many.

Then last night, Wednesday night, we arrived and Bulike to a warm welcome and a time to meet some of the leaders we will be with all week.