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Uganda Feb 2024 Blog 3

Feb 2, 2024


Thursday was a day to remember.

We started out time by meeting with 91 of the leaders and coordinators for UCSS. Uganda Counseling and Social Services. James, Sheree, and Carol were the presenters today. We will have 3 new presenters tomorrow. We had such a great time discussing various leadership and team building principals with these amazing leaders.

After lunch we were blessed to tour the medical, counseling, and education side of the UCSS. On the medical side they have made a significant impact in infant mortality. They have introduced important vaccines, prenatal care and education, as well as post care and health options. In addition they have been able to help on many various health issues in the area. The counseling center has been here since 2011 and has helped over 1 million people. That’s absolutely INCREDIBLE. They are hard at work visiting families and homes throughout the region and helping them through difficult moments, family challenges, and spiritual direction. Finally, the education side of UCSS is truly inspiring as well. They have brought opportunity to this region in a way it has never experienced. Not only are they helping kids through education and future opportunity, there are many stories of families that we were previously muslim or burdened by witchdoctors who have now found freedom and joy in Christ and you can truly see that in their lives and faces. They are joy filled and focused. Serving those around them and working hard to become all they can be. The school also has a vocational section where students are learning various trades to help them provide for themselves and their families.