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Uganda Feb 2024 Blog 7

Feb 8, 2024


AWESOME couple of days. As we took the long journey from Bulike to Kampala and then up to our Safari location we got to see much of the city and rural areas. Traveling through wilderness, small towns, markets, the city, this country is beautiful.

Our time at the safari was spectacular. Bucket list. If you haven’t been find a way to go. Seeing these animals in the wild is not even close to the same as a zoo. Elephants, water buffalo, lions, baboons, various monkeys, wart hogs (Pumba😂), crocs, hippos, incredible variety of birds, giraffes, Impalas, water buck, and more. Gods nature is wild. And beautiful. And humbling. This morning we had enough time to see the world’s most powerful waterfall as well. Definitely a highlight.

We began our 39 hour trip home this morning at 11am (Uganda time, 2am home time). We are driving right now to Entebbe. We will take a short time to do some souvenir shopping before going to the airport. We flight to Amsterdam where we will layover for 3 hours. Fly to Minneapolis with a layover of 3 hours. And finally to KC arriving at 5:01 pm (home time, 2am Uganda time). We can’t wait to see our families and give them a big hug.

We will keep you posted briefly on our flights back.