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Prayer Tip: The Kingdom of God is at Hand; Repent!

March 5, 2023

Daily Scripture

Mark 1:4, 14-15

Jesus came to Galilee, proclaiming the good news of God, and saying, “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God has come near; repent, and believe in the good news.”

Prayer Tip

Ashly Cooley

by Ashly Cooley, Executive Assistant to Locations & Care at Resurrection

I was once chatting with a friend who is a counselor. I said, “There are days I feel amazing. I feel like I am just crushing life. I have had a clear-headed day, made some good observations, exercised, parented well, got my devotion and prayers in, ate healthy and cleared out my inbox. I am the master of life. Other days I feel worthless. I am a terrible wife, mom, friend and co-worker and I am going to die alone and nobody will come to my funeral AND that is what I deserve.” She said most people feel this way (well maybe not that dramatic). We either feel really good about ourselves or terrible, when we are probably somewhere in between those two extremes. Wait, what? Why is nobody talking about this!

When we only view ourselves through the lens of goodness, we miss the whole picture. Despite good deeds on good days, we are still sinners in desperate need of God’s grace and forgiveness. This doesn’t change even if we go to a Bible study right after our 5:30 a.m. Pilates class while submitting our 10 percent tithe online in our electric car!

Yet the Bible says God calls us beloved. God loves us deeply, but this doesn’t mean God doesn’t want us to see ourselves truly as we are (Sinners). Only one perfect person has ever walked the Earth, and he was hated, misunderstood, and crucified. Jesus loved us enough just the way we are to die for our sins, so we can grow and be made all that God wants us to be.

Some prayer journal reflections for this week:

  • In what areas do I fall short of God’s wishes the most?
  • How does the knowledge of God’s forgiveness of my sins make me more forgiving of people who have sinned against me?
  • How can I really feel loved by God even though I am a sinner?
  • Do I accept that I am truly forgiven?

If through journaling and praying, you feel stuck on any of these questions, we have Connection and Care pastors who would love to connect with you. (I know–I work with them.) You can chat with one of them after a worship service and ask to set up an appointment with one. If you don’t have time or worship online, please call (913) 897-0120 to get connected with one. They would love to explore these questions more deeply with you.

Dear God, thank you for offering your love to me, a sinner. Thank you for dying for my sins and desiring to connect with me despite my failings towards you and my loved ones. Your word helps me to understand that, although I am not perfect, your grace says I am not hopeless. Thank you for loving me enough to help me see myself clearly. Amen.