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Church programs for Monday, Jan. 22 will resume their normal schedule at all locations this evening.

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Leawood’s Sunday night in-person worship has been moved to 4 pm for Sunday, February 11. 

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Sunday School Classes

Sunday Mornings

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Leawood & Online

Resurrection Leawood’s Adult Sunday school classes are meeting online and in person! Please contact the class leader before attending a Sunday School class. Class meeting format can change from week to week.

For assistance with Sunday morning group connections, please contact Jaime Kernaghan at or call 913-232-4166.

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All Welcome | 9:00 am | B146

Join Pastor Justin Schoolcraft for an engaging Sunday morning Bible study. This informal class will be a weekly opportunity to dive into the biblical text in an effort to understand the dominant ideas that permeate God’s story. We’ll spend time each week reflecting on the implications of the week’s passage on our daily lives, starting with Genesis and then moving straight through the Bible. This class is intentionally multigenerational, and we’ll be at our best when people of all ages are present. You do NOT need to have been present the previous week to join – just come when you can!

Contact Justin Schoolcraft for more information. 

ABC/Morning Star

60-95 | Singles and Couples | 9:30 am | Building A Parlor

ABC/Morning Star members are committed to the development and enhancement of individual spirituality and fellowship. Members examine and reinforce their beliefs through this diverse Bible-Centered class. We are committed to being followers of Christ, carrying his message forward in our everyday lives, letting others see Christ living both within us and through us.

For those seeking kinship with fellow Church of the Resurrection members, the class provides an immediate close-knit support group for its members, their joys, sorrows, spiritual growth, and development. Contact Al Donoho with questions.

Bible 101

30-70 | Singles & Couples | 11 am | B153

Bible 101 is for everyone of all ages and backgrounds. The one thing all share is a desire to learn more about God’s word through an organized Bible study class. The Holy Bible is the only reference required.

Contact David Austin for more information and Zoom meeting invitation.


50s-90s | Singles and Couples | 9:15 am | B252

The Builders create an authentic environment where our members learn to know God with our heads, love God with our hearts and serve God with our hands while experiencing Christian fellowship and accountability.

Contact David Starrett for in-person class information.

Christianity & Culture

40+ | Singles and Couples | 9:00 am | B152

We are a diverse group exploring the intersection of Christianity and Culture while growing in Christ’s love and building relationships. A variety of thought-provoking topics are discussed which relate to how individuals apply Christian principles while addressing or responding to contemporary issues.

Check out our upcoming curriculum plus other class activities at and/or feel free to reach out to!

Faith Builders

30 – 40 | Singles and Couples | 9:00 am, 1st & 3rd Sundays | Online 

This class meets on the first and third Sundays of each month to grow in their faith and support one another.

Contact Jennifer Kelley for additional information.

Faith & Fellowship 

55- 85 | Singles and Couples | 9:00 am | B251

These welcoming near-retirement and post-retirement class members enjoy curriculum that helps the group spiritually as well as brings them closer as a body of believers.

Contact Pamella Myerson and Wayne Kerns for in-person class information or to get a Zoom link to join online.

New Horizons

60+ | Singles | 10:45 am | B158

Our curriculum includes single-topic books and Bible studies, both Old and New Testament. The class is discussion-based with all opinions honored.

We also have many service projects where we put into practice the things we have learned, including: Bless the School, Johnson County Christmas Bureau, local and foreign mission support, and Healing House to name a few. The class has an adopted daughter in Africa through Compassion International.

We celebrate each other’s joys and concerns through prayer and manage time to socialize and build great friendships. Contact Kay King for more information.

Salt & Light

40’s-80’s | Singles & Couples | 9 am | B253

Salt and Light is a medium-sized group that comes together to grow in Christ for the purpose of fulfilling God’s will in the world. We strive to live out our calling to be “salt and light” (Matthew 5:13-16) and encourage each other to grow in faith through study, prayer, fellowship and service. Visitors are always welcome!

Contact Liz Hendricks for more information and a Zoom meeting invitation.


60’s+ | Singles & Couples | 9 am | B158

The Spiritual Enrichment and Encouragement class studies books of the Bible as well as topical studies and enjoys great discussions!

Contact Shirley Yarick for in-person class information or to get a Zoom meeting invitation.

The Living Room

40-60 | Couples with high school or young adult kids | 9 am | B259

The Living Room small group was started over 20 years ago in a member’s living room (hence the name). We share the responsibilities of running the class by serving in one of three committees. We take turns leading lessons chosen by our “head” group. We occasionally serve the community in projects chosen by our “hands” group. We also have a “heart” group that organizes social activities and support for our members.

Contact Trish Paulson for in-person class information or to get a Zoom meeting invitation.


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