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Church programs for Monday, Jan. 22 will resume their normal schedule at all locations this evening.

Programming Note:

Leawood’s Sunday night in-person worship has been moved to 4 pm for Sunday, February 11. 

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Restoring Faith:

Religion is on the outs for many people today. Some have struggled with questions and doubts. Others see Christians act in ways that seem, well...unchristian. Still others feel faith is hopelessly outdated and worn out, like an old piece of furniture.

But what if the problem isn’t faith, but the way it’s been practiced? And what if faith could be restored, positively impacting our lives and the world around us?

Join us over the next three weeks as we consider what a meaningful, authentic and compelling faith could look like. And in this era of deconstructing faith, what might it look like to reconstruct and restore our faith?

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April 21, 2024
A Faith That Heals a Hurting World
April 14, 2024
Love Never Fails: A Faith That Loves Radically
April 7, 2024
A Faith for Critical Thinkers

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