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COR Stu - Blog 4


Costa Rica: Students June 8-14, 2024

June 12 Costa Rica blog

Wednesday was a busy day. We woke up early and chowed down on a breakfast of pancakes and papaya. Today we were all at the worksite and took the 40 minute bus ride there while having a bus karaoke session.

We continued working on the parsonage and child education center throughout the break. Hugito surprised us with a popsicle break midmorning.

After working all day, we stayed at the worksite for dinner since and their worship service that started at 6. To pass the time we play games of reverse charades, casino, and spades, as well as conversing within our group.

Dinner consisted of fried chicken and rice. Then, we helped set up for the service. About 50 community members welcomed us into their service and were so excited to have us. We sang and prayed and took communion together. God’s presence was strong.

When we left to head back to CRMP, the church members hugged us and bid us all goodbyes. We fit our whole group perfectly into one bus and sang some more songs to pass the time. When we got back we had a debrief and then were off to the showers. After a hard day’s of work, sleep was a perfect end to the day.

The connection of the day stemmed from worshiping at the church. While each of the members showed their appreciation, Liv, a COR graduate experienced a particularly touching moment.

Liv says “as we were walking to exit a woman pulled me back and hugged me and explained to me how we are all a blessing and the work we have done here is incredible.”