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Costa Rica - Day 2


Costa Rica: June 22-29, 2024

After a much needed night of sleep we all woke up ready to experience our first full day enjoying Costa Rica.  We went to church service at Grace Methodist. The service was an amazing, welcoming celebration. The music was loud and full of joy.  The people were full of hugs and kindness.

We spent time with Wil, the Missionary hosting us.  He shared his story of how he came to lead this mission.  He shared the importance of service, fellowship, prayer, witness and worship. Our goal for the next 5 days is to focus and experience as many of these as possible.

After the service we had a wonderful meal of Almuerzo de campesino which is a traditional Costa Rican meal. The food was wonderful!

Another favorite of our trip we must talk about is BOB!!! Bob is the “guard dog” although we are not sure he knows that.  He is so sweet and is a great stand in for those of us who are missing our pets.

This afternoon we explored downtown San Isidro in the rain.  We had a great day of fellowship.  The kids enjoyed football and soccer.  It was wonderful to see them show us what fellowship is. We also enjoyed some time playing spoons, uno, a few other games and talking. We ended the day with pizza dinner and meeting for devotions.

Tomorrow we are looking forward to our first day on the work site.