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Blog 6


South Africa: June 7-17, 2024

Wednesday 6/12/24 

 Morning – Team Creative PreschoolChild Protection Day 

 We visited the Team Creative Preschool today. It is another preschool in the Mooiplaas Settlement. It happened to be Child Protection Day. There were several speakers giving educational information to students and adults that were present. We enjoyed the children that sang and danced as well as glad the topic was being discussed.  

 After the event we went shopping at their local store.  

The Preschool provides an opportunity for local women in the community to earn a living plus raise funds for the preschool.  


We returned to the Plot to enjoy prayer and a meal with everyone.  


Training sessions at the Plot: Whitney, Angela and Morgan helped some staff with using programs on their computers (word, excel, resumes). Pat led a leadership workshop with the current leaders as well as those that may move to leadership roles. Theresa visited with the ladies that were sewing winter shirts for the children. Then Kaci and Theresa helped with the clothing storage and food room as well as helping organize the library room.  

Several of us moved over to the preschool: 

Angela and Kaci helped organize storage closet there. Angela played “keep the earth in space” with the students that were waiting for their care givers to come fetch them, while Kaci continued helping clean up classrooms with staff.  

 Morgan and Whitney finished up the mural. 


We returned to our lodging for some rest, then dinner at 7, Daily Devotions, and bed.