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SAF - Blog 1


South Africa: June 7-17, 2024

It’s a family affair!

Our small group heading to South Africa is mostly family.

  • Pat, Angela, and Whitney (Mother, daughter, granddaughter: 3 generations)
  • Theresa (cousin) and her husband Bruce
  • Kaci (cousin to everyone)
  • Morgan who I’m sure will soon feel like family!

My mom, my brother and I were discussing cousin relationships as it gets confusing. My brother found a helpful chart (see photo).

Pat and Theresa are first cousins. They have the same grandparents.

Kaci is the daughter of their first cousin Sondra. Pat and Theresa’s grandmother is Kaci’s great-grandparent. That makes Kaci their first cousin once removed.

Kaci and Angela are second cousins because they have the same great-grandparents.

Kaci and Whitney are second cousins, once removed. Because Kaci’s great-grandparent is Whitney’s 2nd great-grandparent.

Everyone is getting packed today!  Some of us are finding it harder to not check a bag (LOL). We are meeting at the airport tomorrow morning (Friday, June 7) at 5am!!!  We will have roughly 32+ hours of travel and a +7 hour time change. We will likely arrive at our lodging around 10p local time on Saturday.


Angela Epps