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South Africa Oct 2023 Blog 5

October 11, 2023

South Africa II

We’ve been hearing about Africa time and rolling with the flow since we’ve arrived.  Today we lived it to the fullest.  And, the beauty of that is it gave us the opportunity to start the day dancing with the Open School kids.  Worship thru dance is glorious.  Smiling faces and flowing bodies are infectious. Gratefully,  the word of the day is flexibility!


After dancing, our crew and the Ditshego staff, about 30 people all together, made quick work of cleaning up trash in the areas surrounding The Plot.  Many hands make light work.


Then, we divided and conquered a number of tasks.


  • Organized donated clothing in the Wendy House

  • Organized donated books on the library

  • Cleaned out the community food storage container

  • Learned about sewing projects


After that we were all ready for lunch.   Our small group today allowed for intimate conversation and connection about Ditshego, the community, and the world. Finally, we learned about the OVC (Orphaned and Vulnerable Children) program and finished out the day with the after-school kids making fruit of the spirit cootie catchers, playing games and joyfully running and dancing.


Yesterday was heavy with information.  Today was busy with physical activity.  Either way, we had another wonderful day connecting with the inspiring folks at Ditshego.