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Church programs for Monday, Jan. 22 will resume their normal schedule at all locations this evening.

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Leawood’s Sunday night in-person worship has been moved to 4 pm for Sunday, February 11. 

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Small Groups

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Small groups at Resurrection are communities of 5-15 people who meet regularly on the journey of becoming deeply committed Christians. Our program is built on an intentional journey, scheduling flexibility, and low-pressure conversations with the potential to become deeper relationships.

  • There is no prep work to attend a session. Simply show up. Plus, childcare and children/student programming is offered at certain times throughout the week.
  • This program is not an every week model. Most groups meet roughly every two of three weeks with built in longer breaks. Groups ultimately decide the flexibility of their schedule.
  • Our vision is for a two-year, intentional journey, but you only sign up for six weeks. There is a natural exit point at the six-week mark, and groups are welcome to reevaluate their plans at this point. However, the vast majority of our groups desire to stay with program. It has a proven track record.
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Year 1

The Year One journal, Communities of Blessing, is divided into three parts: Purpose (6 lessons), Belonging (9 lessons), and Growth (6 lessons).

  • The group begins with a discussion over the Essential Practices of the Christian faith. In group time, groups consider challenges to those practices and engage in exercises that promote group connection.
  • Part Two, the meat of the journal, is an extended engagement with the story of Scripture, though the aim of the material is to promote engagement with each group member’s life story. This time ends with a Seven Word Testimony exercise.
  • The last part of the journal engages John Wesley’s historic questions, leaning into conversation over the spiritual life.

Year 2

The Year two journal, Communities of Hope, is also divided into three parts: Purpose (5 lessons), Belonging (10 lessons), and Growth (6 lessons).

  • The group beings by examining the life of Joseph in Genesis, considering him as an example of how to cross boundaries in our lives. 
  • Part Two takes the group on a journey with John Wesley, founder of the Methodist movement, as he demonstrates what it means to be a person who practices hope and resists cynicism. 
  • The last part of the journal, an encounter with Revelation, teaches reliable group meeting practices that can serve the group for years to come. 
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