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Blue Springs Updates Blog

Pictured here is the Bill and Penny Elwood

Over the past 33 years, we have seen God at work through the generations. The investments of those who came before us planted seeds that have grown and flourished. Now, it’s our turn to make bold commitments and invest in current and future generations.

Adam Hamilton, Senior Pastor

Blue Springs

Dear Friends, 

This is such an exciting time in the life of our church! We are welcoming new people every week and seeing an ongoing re-engagement in the life of the church. We are energized by the prospect of helping all ages grow deeper in their faith and serving together at Resurrection Blue Springs!

As we celebrate the ways God is at work transforming lives in our church and community, we can only imagine what God has in store for the future. And I believe Resurrection Blue Springs is just getting started! We are poised to “reach new families, engage all ages, expand our ministries, and serve the needs of the community.” 

This brochure outlines our plans and dreams for the future and what we believe will be needed to reach current and future generations. Accomplishing our goals will require sacrificial giving from every person in the church. I am asking you to join my husband and me in making a genuine financial sacrifice over the next three years. Bill and I have been praying about this gift for some time, and it will be the largest single contribution we have ever made. It will require putting off some things and re-ordering some of our priorities. But when we think of what God has done for us, and the ministry and mission this will make possible at our location, our sacrifice seems small. 

Please take a look at the dreams and plans outlined in this brochure. Join me in praying for God’s direction as we move forward with these plans, for the success of this campaign, and for discerning our personal commitments and support. 

In Christ’s love, 

Penny Ellwood 

Blue Springs Location Pastor

The Plan

At Resurrection Blue Springs,

We’re developing plans to create additional space to the north of our main entrance. Plans include an enlarged gathering space for hospitality and a spacious multipurpose room prioritized for our teenagers that opens to the backyard for programming both indoors and out. 

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Plans for the expansion are designed to create a flexible space available for large group activities mission engagement and fellowship.

The dedicated space for student ministry will provide the opportunity to welcome all generations to gather and connect in community. This campaign will help prepare our spaces for future growth within our ministries and programs.

The remodeling of our main entrance area will include intentional hospitality improvements including water access and a new restroom.

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Click here to Pastor Penny share the specific plans for Resurrection West.

Resurrection History

Resurrection History_Circles

In 1990, a group of visionaries shared a dream that they could build a Christian community where non-religious and nominally religious people of all ages would become deeply committed Christians. Launching Resurrection in a funeral home, they laid a foundation for generations to come. They had no idea the number of lives that would be transformed or the impact the church would have on the community, but they trusted God and dreamed big.

BSP_Resurrection History

Resurrection has always been about people whose lives can be transformed when they follow Jesus, and who in turn can change the world. But, as we’ve grown and expanded, we’ve recognized that facilities and resources are important tools for ministry. Today, as a thriving church with six physical locations and a growing online presence, we are committed to ensuring that our buildings and programs continue to welcome and care for our community – from those yet to be born, to teens and young adults, to our oldest adults.

Resurrection Blue Springs Story

Adrienne and Chris Cox

We see the excitement within our children. And that makes us really excited. We love that our kids love church. That is so important to us. This excitement is going to continue their love for the church, 

their love for Jesus

and we hope it continues to manifest throughout their life including when they one day become parents. We think that’s the key to building a strong foundation for them.

Pay Down Debt and Expand Ministry

One of the goals of this campaign is to pay down some of our debt from previous building projects. A portion of our annual ministry budget goes to debt service. By reducing this debt and the associated interest, more funds will be directly available for programming, missions, and outreach.

A Vision for 2030

In 2019 our congregation helped shape, and then approved, a set of visions for the year 2030. Creating the right tools for ministry with new and remodeled spaces and reducing our debt will allow us to more effectively live into these visions:

  • Closing the Spiritual Gap by helping our congregation and community grow in their faith
  • Closing the Generational Gap by reaching future generations for Christ
  • Closing the Kindness and Justice Gap by helping our city and world look more like the Kingdom of God
  • Closing the Opportunity Gap through efforts focused on education with an emphasis on PreK education and by addressing poverty

Together We Can Ensure a Vital Ministry for Resurrection for Generations to Come

Campaign Need $1.4 Million

We can clearly see how God has used our sacrificial gifts to help Resurrection Blue Springs establish itself as a beacon of light in the community. Our leaders have prayerfully considered this campaign with faith in the future of our church, knowing that the size of our congregation and the size of our ministry budget pave the way for us to meet this realistic need of $1.4 million. But it will take sacrifice and it will take everyone’s help and participation.

How will we get there?

Capital campaigns are an investment in the future, and the legacy we leave behind. You are invited to consider the goals of the campaign, the ministry impact of the building and paying off debt, and then pray, inviting God to guide you to consider a sacrificial gift that can be given over a period of four tax years, a gift over and above your annual giving to the church.

Generation to Generation is a time of spiritual growth – for our church and for each of us individually. You have the opportunity to be part of something that will have a tremendous impact on the mission and ministry of the church. We need your commitment as we continue this incredible journey of transforming lives, renewing churches and changing the world. We hope you will join us in praying about making a sacrificial gift to ensure our congregation has a vital future caring for all our generations.

The Long Family

This church continues to meet the needs of our family and gives not only us, but our children opportunities to serve and to worship and to be around other Christians. We love that Resurrection Blue Springs is continually looking for opportunities to

reach beyond our base

and pour into the local community. This is important for generations to come.

Campaign Timeline & Resources

Two Commitments. One Purpose.

Annual Ministry Fund

Your commitment to the Annual Ministry Fund makes possible all the mission and ministry at Resurrection. Your generosity and commitment to join us in closing the gap between where the world is and where it could be is the lifeblood of the church. 

Generation to Generation

This capital campaign commitment, over and above your regular offering, will make possible creating and improving facilities to help us in passing on the faith from generation to generation.

Determine your commitment.

The success of the campaign will require a commitment from us all to complete the building designs and achieve our goals. A sacrificial gift is an opportunity to take a bold step in your spiritual journey, make a sacrificial gift to invest in God’s work, and experience the joy of knowing that you will be sharing Jesus with current and future generations.

Give as a Family

Family Resources

Parents, this is an opportunity to discuss giving with your children. Our children’s ministry team has designed activities and a Talk & Tunes resource with these conversations in mind. Share with your children how you make giving decisions. Talk about the difference you want to make, and work as a family to find other ways to make an impact. Download printable versions of these resources by clicking the buttons below.

Qualified Charitable Distribution Information

If you have an IRA, consider contributing through a Qualified Charitable Distribution. A QCD is a direct transfer of funds from an IRA custodian, payable to a qualified charity like Resurrection. These gifts expand the impact of your giving, because instead of paying taxes on the money, every dollar goes directly to mission and ministry. Seek advice from a financial advisor to determine the best way to maximize this opportunity. For more information visit or click the button below.

Spiritual Discernment Resources

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Begin with prayer.

Pray for this campaign, specifically that God will give our leaders wisdom and touch the hearts of our congregation. 

Pray for personal discernment as you consider how God is calling you to invest in a church for generations today and tomorrow. 

Pray this simple prayer daily:

God, you have called us to tell coming generations of your glorious deeds. Grant us vision to know the plans you have for your church, and give us the conviction, courage and boldness to pursue them. Amen.

Spiritual Discernment Guide

Our sacrificial gifts to the church, above and beyond our annual ministry fund gift or tithe, over the next three years towards the Generation to Generation capital campaign will provide resources that will impact thousands and thousands of lives for generations to come. Making a sacrificial gift is something that requires prayerful discernment, and it will take each of us to make the goals of this campaign a reality. As you embark on this spiritual journey, this devotional is designed to help you prayerfully seek God’s calling as you consider what He is asking you to sacrifice to be a part of ensuring spaces for all generations at Resurrection, today and into the future. 

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Stories of Generational Impact

Marissa Denton
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Robert Johnson
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Matt Bisel
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Liam Davidson
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LaDonna Williams
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Bill Gepford
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Frequently Asked Questions

While our plans for the Generation to Generation campaign involve converting our existing storage room (room 027) into a Youth space, we believe that we will still have enough space on-site for the tables, chairs, etc that are used on a weekly basis. We believe that rest of the items in the storage room can be stored offsite (the missions center, etc), or donated to make space for ministry.

Yes – though the proposed plans (finishing our existing building and clearing debt) would be a necessary first step before expanding outside of our existing walls. This does not commit to (or against) our previously expressed long-term plans. The pandemic has changed church trends and building needs, and so we have structured a campaign that will prepare us for the broadest number of possible futures. This campaign allows us to prepare for whatever comes next (whether it is that plan or another one), while gaining clarity on post-pandemic needs and building stronger foundations.

We project this building campaign will cost $1.4 million, which our consultants tell us is within the reasonable range for a church our size – that would provide for the new youth space, a reconfiguring of much of the lower level, debt reduction, and key sanctuary upgrades. If we come in above expectation, our building committee will prioritize upgrades in our Sanctuary and Youth room. If we come in under projections, our building committee will guide us through the process of expansion or cutting, with the top priority as finishing out 027 into a youth space. Children’s ministry spaces and debt reduction will come next.

The campaign commitment period begins October 1, 2023 and ends December 31, 2026 making it possible for you to utilize 4 tax years to contribute to your commitment.

We will tell the next
the praiseworthy deeds
of the LORD, his power, and
the wonders he has done...
so the next
would know them,
even the children yet to be born,
and they in turn
would tell their children.
Then they would put their trust
in God.
Psalm 78:4b, 6-7a