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Partner Schools Elementary
& Pre-K Ministries

Partner School Ministry

Our Partner School Ministry builds relationships, shares knowledge and serves children and families in need in our community. Showing Christ’s love through hope and encouragement to those most vulnerable. Seeking to break the cycle of poverty through educational opportunities. 

Partner Schools

Resurrection’s Vision 2030 includes closing the opportunity gap. Our Partner School Ministry encompasses nine elementary schools serving approximately 4,000 students. We support our partner schools with a variety of programs and activities designed to assist students, teachers and staff. Volunteers are critical to the success of our Ministry. We hope you will consider serving in our Partner Schools.


Partner Schools

Our partner school preschools serve families, including immigrant and refugee families, with educational childcare and family support services. Classroom activities provide age-appropriate activities to build children’s social-emotional, physical, language, and cognitive skills.

Partner Schools

Education leads to economic prosperity individually as well as in the global marketplace. Through education, indigenous individuals become capable leaders who have the power to change their communities for the better. Resurrection partners with local schools in educational sponsorships, continuing education for teachers, and supporting Pre-K education, all of which creates hope in young people for a better future.

Support and Serve

Our BookMobile focuses on schools with at least 75% free and reduced lunch recipients. In addition, we support many after school and summer school programs in underserved areas.

Our Backpacks for Hunger program provides nutritious food to help students get through the weekend and return to school on Monday ready to focus on their schoolwork.

Our Beds ministry provides new beds to children who don’t have beds of their own in Kansas City urban and suburban communities. Our focus is to serve the children in our partner schools. 

Bless the Teacher is a ministry where volunteers write a monthly note of encouragement to a staff member at one of our Partner Schools. If you enjoy writing brief notes of support that will brighten and bless someone’s day, this ministry is perfect for you! The commitment is monthly, September – May.

Training & Certifications

Attend a Cultural Competency Workshop

Join us as we grow together in our mission to develop cultural awareness and acceptance for all our neighbors.  Cultural Competency training is prerequisite for engaging in our ongoing Kansas City Mission programs. This valuable training is designed to foster a welcoming and secure environment for everyone we support. By participating, individuals will gain empowerment and education, fostering a deeper understanding of our diverse community and enhancing cross-cultural interactions.

The United Methodist Church’s Safe Gatherings training

Screen and educate staff and volunteers to help prevent abuse of children, youth and vulnerable adults. Resurrection staff and volunteers go through several levels of background checks, reference checks, and comprehensive abuse prevention training, they know better — what to do, what to look for, and how to protect those they serve.

Closing the Opportunity Gap

Resurrection’s Vision 2030 includes Closing the Opportunity Gap. Our Partner Schools program plays a key role in that initiative as we work to combat the fact that of the 6,800 four-year-olds in the KC metropolitan area, less than 1/3 have access to pre-school.

Part of our Vision 2030 Closing the Opportunity Gap is to ensure every four-year-old who will attend our partner schools has access to pre-K education so that they are prepared to succeed in elementary school.

We are also working to increase the number of partner schools from the present nine, including one partnership in each campus’ surrounding community.

These are big goals that won’t be accomplished over night. But, we work to close this gap inch by inch, day by day, & there are plenty of opportunities detailed below for you to join us!