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About Global

Where is God calling you?

We are living out our call to serve Christ in the world through transformative partnerships. Click learn more below to explore our work in each partner country. 

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Costa Rica



South Africa


What We Do

Missional Partnerships

We work with local churches and organizations to empower and equip the communities and local church leaders.

Long-Term Impact

Our trips are part of a long-term strategy for strengthening our partner communities. In each of our contexts, we invest with our time and money for years and years.

Cultural Immersion

Our serve trip team members are as impacted by the trips as the communities we serve. Every time we go, we come back changed and blessed by the experience of serving.

Serving Globally

Resurrection believes in partnering with indigenous leaders and innovative organizations to work together holistically in specific communities that are determined by the local Methodist Conference.  We meet regularly to learn what the goals and vision are for the local leaders, learn about their assets, and discuss ways we might be able to come alongside their initiatives.  

Partnership History
  • 1997 – Eurasia Leadership Partnership
  • 1998 – South Africa
  • 2003 – Honduras
  • 2010 – Haiti
  • 2010 – Malawi
  • 2017 – Lebanon
  • 2018 – Costa Rica
  • 2018 – Puerto Rico Disaster Response


Staff & Leadership

We operate with a small staff but are powered by incredible volunteer leaders.  Our Context Leaders are engaged with our partners, listening and learning alongside staff, and then prepare our volunteer Team Leaders and trip participants to join our partners globally in the incredible work they are doing in their communities.

Standards of Excellence

Our Trips follow a code of best practice for short-term mission practitioners known as the Standards of Excellence in Short Term Missions. These standards include:

  • God-Centeredness
  • Empowering Partnerships
  • Mutual Design
  • Comprehensive Administration
  • Qualified Leadership
  • Appropriate Training
  • Thorough Follow-Up


Resurrection partners with indigenous local leaders in 4 specific areas:

This broad-based approach targets the community’s self-identified challenges through local partnerships. People are given a chance to develop out of economic poverty, and are supported in their efforts to build sustainable, healthy and flourishing communities and churches.


Resurrection works through partners in many of our contexts to promote healthy lives and well-being for all. These partnerships take many different forms including food security efforts, nutrition information, clean water, hygiene education, and quality medical care.


Education leads to economic prosperity individually as well as in the global marketplace. Through education, indigenous individuals become capable leaders who have the power to change their communities for the better. Resurrection partners with local schools in educational sponsorships, continuing education for teachers, and supporting Pre-K education, all of which creates hope in young people for a better future.

Economic Empowerment

By teaching members how to save money, create a small business, and loan money to each other to start or grow a business, the decision-making process in a group dynamic strengthens vulnerable populations. Resurrection believes that by empowering individuals to lead themselves out of poverty in a group that supports, encourages, and helps each other, they know they have the power to change their future regardless of their present condition.

Church Outreach

At Resurrection, we are called to build a Christian community where non-religious and nominally religious people are becoming deeply committed Christians. We see this vision expanding beyond Kansas City to reach the world. We work with Methodists around the world to partner with their lay leaders and church staff in growing their churches. We also seek to be the “church in action,” working alongside our partner congregations to do outreach and service in the communities they serve.

Trip Scholarships

Our goal is to enable people interested in serving with our partners outside of the KC area an opportunity to have some of their trip funded through a Global Impact Ministries Serve Trip Scholarship.

By completing the application you may be considered for 3 different scholarship opportunities:

  • Seward Serve Trip Scholarship
  • Hammel Youth & Young Adult Serve Trip Scholarship
  • Resurrection Financial Need Scholarship

Please understand that a scholarship is a gift from someone who has made a donation to support the travel and the work of a serve trip participant because they see incredible value to both the individual and our partners in participating in a serve trip.

For more information about scholarship opportunities and to apply, please click the button below.

Donate to the Scholarship Fund

You can multiply your impact by supporting a volunteer to serve with our global partners.  Resurrection has an extensive scholarship process – from an application with references to an anonymous process with a rubric to determine financial need – to help mobilize those with the most financial need.  

Scholarships range from 10%-75% off of the trip depending upon the average of the 3 independent evaluators.  By giving to the scholarship fund, you not only transform the life of the person you help send, but you also help transform the lives of those they serve.